Hedge To Arrive

Hedge to Arrives may be rolled once at a fee of 1 cent per contract month. If you roll to a contract month other than the one following, it is an additional 2 cents. Example: to roll Dec 18 to Mar 18 cost 2 cent. To roll Dec 18 to May 18 cost 4 cents. HTA may not be rolled to a new crop year. All HTA's must be priced by Sep 1st of the current crop year it was sold. If no notice is given as to sell or roll to the next month by first notice day of the futures month the commodity is hedged in then it will be automatically rolled to the next month, unless the next month is a new crop year then it will be sold at the end of the day at market price.
Futures Month (C)
HTA Fee Cents/Bushel
2 cents
3 cents
4 cents
Dec 23  5 cents
Futures Month (S)
HTA Fee Cents/Bushel
3 cents
May  4 cents
July  5 cents
 Nov 23   7 cents